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The 90-Days to Scale Program is a three month mentorship that will transform your online course business into an evergreen, revenue generating machine using the Escalation Method.  

There are thousands of course creators who are simply stuck and can't figure out why people are not buying their courses. 

OR worse're selling your course through a launch model and your revenue fluctuates wildly, leaving your business caught in an endless feast or famine cycle.  

We Turn Your Course Into a Real Business

Every day we help course creators, like you, turn their online course into a revenue-generating business that produces scaleable revenue month after month. 

If you're a Course Creator who sells (or wants to sell) high-ticket programs that significanty improve people's lives, relationships, or businesses...then see if you might be a good for 90 Days to Scale.


"After only 60 days of working with James I closed over $40,000 in Course Sales."

Tim Durkin

Leadership Expert

Chances Are.. Life Looks Like this..

We’ve come to find most Entrepreneurs fall into 1 of 4 scenarios when running their online course business, or even their life. 

Scenario #1: You know that through your experience, you've gained knowledge and expertise that other people would want and desire, however, when the time comes to figuring out how to create a profitable online course business, it isn’t as easy as you thought. You’ve bought a couple of courses or even been mentored but still can’t figure it out. You could even have an online audience, email list or social media accounts at the moment, however, when it is time to scale, you don’t know which way is up.

Scenario #2: You have momentum. There are even people purchasing your course and are getting amazing results. Your community and audience is at a level you can be happy with, however, there is still that feeling of feast or famine, otherwise called the hamster wheel effect in your course business. This prompts a feeling of uncertainty and makes it difficult to scale your business. You may know the next steps needed, however you aren’t sure if your current finances will be able to support it.

Scenario #3: You have traction, however, knowing that what you’ve done may not be successful in the future keeps you up at night. It could be a single paid traffic source, your YouTube channel or even Instagram, regardless, in the back of your mind, you know that at some point in the future the well runs dry. With that being said, you want to generate more traffic in a consistent and stable way, turning those leads into prospects who want to invest in you, each and every month.

Scenario #4: Your Marketing and Sales tactics are working fairly well, possibly the best they've ever worked. However, you know in your mind that it’s time to double down, skyrocket your conversion rates, and go evergreen. This allows your webinars and sales calls to have what most would call “unreal” closing rates due to the groundwork you put in before the person is even on the phone with you. 

One thing is true throughout all 4 scenarios: you want to have a more stable and profitable course business that allows you to captivate your audience and generate more and more interest from those you serve.  

When you are able to use your expertise and knowledge to serve and help more and more people, that is how you obtain your best life, and even your dream life. 

If you truly want to scale your online course business and reach the next level, we want to potentially mentor you.. 



90 Days to Scale is a three-month mentorship that will help you scale your course business without launches or crazy funnels.  

We help you dial in your messaging, strengthen your offer & establish your positioning. Then, we help you install a marketing system that syncs up the right message at the right time to the ideal prospect during their customer journey. 

Finally we help you put all of this together so you can take a cold lead all the way to a happy, transformed customer. 

But, because of the personal attention we give each of our clients, we can only take a few course creators each month. 

This is a rare opportunity to be 1 of 8 selected Course Creators per month to have us help them scale to the next level in this 90-day mentorship program. 


  • You want to generate an extra $10k-$40k per month from your online course.
  • You're tired of living launch to launch and want to create consistent, scalable revenue.
  • Your course sells for at least $500. (or you want to get it there quickly)
  • Your course or program significanty improves someone's life, health, relationships, or business. (if you have a course on teaching the piano this would not be for you.)
  • You are decisive and ready to take action right NOW to scale your business.


  • You don't have your course created yet.
  • You want to continue to use launches as the way you run your online course business. 
  • Your course sells for less than $500 and you have no plans to charge more.
  • You are content with using shady marketing techniques to sell your course.
  • You don't like being pushed out of your comfort zone to discover the true depth of your potential.


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