How to Use the 90 Days to Scale Method to Generate Course Sales Month After Month Without Launching

For Coaches, Consultants, and Experts Who Sell Courses & Programs Online...

If you're a Course Creator who sells transformational programs that significantly improve people's lives, relationships, or businesses...

...then we want to introduce you to the 90 Days to Scale Method. It works specifically for transformational courses and programs and allows you to get off the launch rollercoaster by installing the right pieces into your business so you consistently generate new qualified leads and enroll them into your program.

90 Days to Scale is built on three principles, Resonate, Captivate, and Elevate. Watch the video below to get started learning how all of these principles work together to create a profitable evergreen course business.  

How the Escalation Effect Works for Course Creators

Resonate + Captivate + Elevate = ESCALATE


The Secret Behind Connecting Deeply with Your Customers

RESONATE = to produce a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion.  

Resonance is more than your marketing message, it's the foundation of your business. The key is to have a message that resonates, (literally vibrates) with your audience and moves them to action.

Your marketing message is made up of three things:

 1. Your Offer

 2. Your Messaging

 3. Your Positioning

How these three work together... 

Your Offer - Everything starts here. Your Offer is what you sell, and it's more than just your course. Your offer is built on the transformation you provide to your leads and the way you are going to provide it. 

Your Messaging- Your Messaging is how you communicate your offer to your ideal prospects. Your message tells them what your offer does for them, and how it will improve their lives. Your messaging must align and resonate with your prospect's current point in their journey.

Your Postioning - Your Positioning is what sets you apart from your competition and places you in a Category of One. Your positioning is the intersection between your uniqueness, your proven process, and your authority to deliver results. 

Summary - When these three components are not clear and not working in harmony, you will struggle to generate leads, sell your programs, and will never be abe to scale your business. But when you have this dialied in, you shrink the world and become a voice that resonates among the crowd.

"After only 60 days of working with James I closed over $40,000 in Course Sales."

Tim Durkin

Leadership Expert


How to Capture Your Prospects Attention and Turn it Into Desire


CAPTIVATE - to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; to enchant:

Captivate is your ability to grab your prospect's attention, turn it into engagement, and ultimatley invoke desire within them to want to work with you. 

It doesn't mean mass marketing budgets, manipulative marketing tactics or being all over social media. It moves beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and strategically moves each prospect closer and closer to you and your program.

To Captivate you need to place the right message in front of the right prospect a the right time. It also means serving only those who are the ideal fit for your message.

Your Captivate strategy is made up of three things:

 1. Attention

 2. Engagement

 3. Desire

Here's how these three work together... 

Attention - This is the stage most course creators neglect. But in today's competitive marketplace, you can't afford to skip this. The Attention phase is where you simply get on your prospects radar with little to no commitmment on their part. This is done with content that helps them become aware of their pain, and to provide solutions to their problems.

Engagement- Once you have your prospects attention, you bring them one step closer by getting them to engage. This typically involves them giving you their email, or joining your Facebook Group. The Engagement phase is where you continue the conversation as you serve them with content and educate them about your process.

Desire- As you build trust and authority with your prospect and show them clearly how your signature method can help them reach their goals, it produces desire. These prospects are now willing to commit longer periods of time to consume your content such as webinars and masterclasses.  

Summary - When your messaging is delievered in the right order at the right time, you will build trust with your prospects and move them closer and closer to working with you for a fraction of the cost per lead.

When you try to rush this process or use a one-size-fits-all message, such as cold ad to webinar, then your conversions will be few and far between and you will lose lot of money on ads. 

"If you’d like to generate passive income and garner more visibility for your business, don't walk but rather run to work with James."

Roberta Guise

Personal Branding Coach


How to Transform The Lives of Your Prospects by Elevating Them To A New Reality  


ELEVATE - to raise to a higher intellectual or spiritual level,

Elevate happens when you master the approach to turning a warm lead into a paying student and then help them experience the transformation you promised. You literally elevate their experience, their mindset and subsequently their life. This is how you create raving fans.

Your ELEVATE stage is made up of three things:

 1. Connect 

 2. Enroll

 3. Transform

How these three work together... 

Connect - People want to do business with real people, not automated chat bots. When you embrace the principles of vulnerability and connection you create bonds with your audience that results in higher sales. Furthermore, it's these strong connections that enable you to produce the highest level of transformation for your clients and students.

Enroll - If you're going to sell a course for over $500 or more, then you you need a proven enrollment process for closing the sale. Most of the work here is done by your Captivate Process but you still need to help your prospect overcome their fears and say yes to their dreams.

Transform - Transformation happens not through information but rather execution. This is where you bond more deeply with your students and help them execute the behaviors that are going to produce the desired transformation which was the core promise in your offer.

Summary - When you have a proven system to close warm leads into your program you will never have to worry about cashflow again. But if you don't, then you will be stuck on the hamster wheel trying to figure out why your warm leads are not jumping into your program.

When these three principles are combined they unleash a powerful force that will 10x your business...  

How to SCALE Your Course Business So It Runs on Autopilot. 


ESCALATE - to quickly increase in intensity, magnitude,

Escalation is the result when all of these pieces come together giving you an automated system that runs your business so you can focus on helping people and living life on your terms.

When you scale your business your eyes will be opened to how much potential you have to make money, change lives, and experience freedom.

When The Escalation Effect Starts Taking Over it Initiates a Chain Reaction.  

When your course business hits Escalation, there is a self-sustaining chain reaction that grows you business on all 3 levels.  

1. Your Audience Grows - You have more students getting more results which gives you even more social proof. Word-of-mouth begins to spread about your program and whenever you want to launch any new products, they are instantly profitable. 

2. You Make More Sales - Closing deals becomes easier, and since you can charge more for your course, you're able to generate massue cashflow to run your business. More sales means more money, which means more freedom to do what you want in your life. 

3. You Forge Deeper More Synergistic Relationships - By leading with connection, you forge deeper bonds with your clients and future profitable partners. You soon find yourself getting invited into other media channels to add value to more and more people. Your influence grows, your relationship deepen, and your impact is multiplied. 

And this is what’s going to help you build a foundation for 7-figures and beyond.  

And make you the #1 go-to expert in your niche nearly overnight.

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